Why should I be coachable?

Being coachable is the best way to become a really good rock climber. You might wonder what does it mean to be coachable? Here are some ideas on how to be coachable.

How to be coachable

  • Be positive – have a positive attitude even when things are hard.
  • Listen – There is a whole world of people better than you, listen to their knowledge.
  • Helpful – Be helpful to others, even if they are teaching you.
  • Be open to change – Even if you are the best in the sport, you can still learn something new.
  • Reflect – Look back on your performances or workouts to think how you can be better next time.
  • Lift others up – Cheer everyone on, no matter their skill level, so you can learn from them too.
  • Improve pieces of your life – Try to improve everywhere, not just in the gym.
  • Be open to being wrong – When we assume we are always right we can’t learn or grow.

There are always people better than you out there, taking advice from rock climbers better than you is a good way to improve yourself.

Looking at this list, I know I can improve on reflecting. I don’t do this very much. If I work on this, I can know what I did, and how to do it better. My plan to improve on reflecting after my workouts is to journal. My dad owns a fitness journal business, so I am going to have him print one for me – you can get one here too: www.journalmenu.com.

What will you do to be more coachable?