Stone Gardens – A fun time at the 2019 Northwest Rock Climbing Regionals

Regionals was fun and this year was my first year going.

We had to go into ISO, which means isolation, as soon as we got to the Stone Gardens Bellevue Rock Climbing Gym.

I had a lot of fun in ISO, me and my team played games and climbed while waiting for my turn. We were playing climbing games where we had a stick and would choose which holds the next person would go to. We also played my favorite card game, Pounce. It is like group solitaire and SO much fun. I had to teach my friends and they got kind of good.

After ISO we were called to the main room. In the main room we had five minutes to climb three routes. I was nervous while waiting for each of my turns.

The first route was a super easy climb of about 20 feet. The second route was definitely harder, but I would put it at medium difficulty.

On the third route is where everyone struggled, and so did I. It was hard because there was one move with an invisible hold around the corner that I missed. Without that hold I fell after getting to the undercling.

After I climbed I watched the rest of my teammates and played tag in the Stone Gardens kid area.

We went out for lunch as a team at the Crossroads mall which was right across the parking lot from Stone Gardens. I had Pho which was pretty delicious.

Overall my experience was fun and good. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to be on a rock climbing team.