Rock Climbing Core Workout – Bring Sally Up

Yesterday we used the Bring Sally Up song to do a rock climbing core workout. It was super hard!

In order to do a Bring Sally Up workout you listen to the song and then perform the up position, normally the rest position, when they say “Bring Sally Up,” and then you do the work position when the song goes “Bring Sally Down.” It’s harder because the down position lasts longer.

For our rock climbing core workouts we did two sessions. For the first we did the up and down positions of the push-up, and for the second session we performed a modified sit-up for the up and a leg raise for the down.

We were told to do tricep pushups for the first part of the rock climbing core workout which meant our elbows were close in to our sides. Here is a good description of how to do a push-up.

Did I mention it was super hard. I was able to make it through 1/3 of the way through the song before I had to rest.

For the second session we had to keep our legs elevated above the ground but I was able to almost do this entire workout without rest, almost.

I like these rock climbing core workouts because they get me stronger and they’re challenging, which I think makes my brain stronger, according to my dad. Next time I want to try doing the Bring Sally Up workout without resting. This was a good workout to do with a team because at some point almost everybody failed.

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