Regionals 101

it was my first time at regionals it was so much fun. first I signed in then I went to Iso (also known as isolation) in Iso we played games and warmed up in the bouldering area. After our names were called we had to sit in a chair for 5 minutes which made me nervous because you couldn’t talk or anything – you were just waiting there. When they said transition time I moved on to the next chair on the climbing floor and waited in another chair for 5 minutes. Then it was finally my turn to climb!

The first route was really easy for me in our gym it would have been a 5-9 there was a bunch of jugs on it and they called it a route for the competition people go to easy on people.

The second route was medium I got that one too it was the same color as the first so it might have been the same grade I don’t know?

The third route was hard everybody that I saw fell in the same spot there was a hold around the corner but it was very poorly marked.

All in all I think that regionals was alot of fun.