Nikki 3

Nikki I knew there was something wrong. With all these Boulders falling from the sky, and Spider-Man and all these people acting so strangely, Nikki knew something was absolutely off.

Everybody that came to the Cody that she had planned yesterday had builders on their heads and do no more stomach and singing baba baba baba baba baba baba.

She thought back to the party realized she was actually the only one who had gone in the water she had not felt well bad idea to expose yourself to a bunch of cold water because she like to keep it just above freezing.

Mickey. That may be the water water wisdom in the old The Boulders are flying in the sky but that couldn’t be right water beef form into Boulders and then go up into the sky impossible.

” um, Nikki. Why are there so many Boulder’s foreheads and their heads in there?” asked Nikki’s best friend Robert the one and only other person it didn’t have a bulldog had in one in his head in his stomach.

” Robert!!!” Nikki exclaimed ” you don’t have a boulder for a head oh, how is that possible?”

” I don’t know why I would have a boulder for a head”, said Robert scratching his forehead.

” I think we are the only ones who are ok, we have got to solve this mystery.”

” Spiderman burrito”


What happened to him?

Well I put them into taking a regular pill Penny than my special Penny he wanted to take over the world and then a boulder and now he’s hedging his stomach and he has a bolder forehead

That’s pretty weird oh, did you mention penny? Didn’t that old guy say I had special powers 2 world and that you can even go back in time with him?

Maybe wheat that could fix everything if we go back in time and then stop the boulders while everybody still alive kind of alien with bulldozers heads we can maybe stop the boulders and then we can save the whole world

Well now that I know the whole world is ending I guess I would probably be a good idea said Robert