Nikki 2

Why do you want to take over the world said Nicki

burritos are awesome what? Spider-Man was being very weird he was saying random things.

All of a sudden a giant boulder came hurtling down in the sky. Spider-Man hooked up into the air yelled love burritos Spider-Man watch out there’s a boulder coming for your head I love burritos I love burritos I will be strong. Haha

The situation was quite extraordinary, Nikki was trying to save Spider-Man going about his love of burritos and bragging about being very strong. The bouldering was still idling down towards them and they had the problem that they would soon be smashed.

Spider-Man suddenly fell to the ground the Buddha was an inch away from the head. Spider-Man lifted up his arm and caught the Builder whispering I am the strongest as he said that the boulder got too heavy for him and it fell on his head. From under the Boulder I heard a song baba baba baba baba baba baba baba and out came Spider-Man from under the boulder but Spider-Man didn’t look like real Spider-Man it looks like he had a bulldog with his head and his other hand out of his stomach baba baba baba baba baba.‌

The head in Spider-Man stomach stop singing baba baba baba and started talking about monkeys and burritos monkeys like burritos I love burritos is what he said Spider-Man was acting very weird I’m calling the police thought Nikki, Nikki dial 911 on the phone.

Nikki saw are there Were other boulders falling from the sky. When the policeman got there they had Boulders on their heads and the regular heads in their stomachs baba baba baba baba baba they stop saying that and started talking about monkeys monkeys like burritos and I like burritos too just like Spider-Man have done. Sirius plans this was so weird thought Nikki.