Nikki 1

The story is a story that is written on a computer and we have to accept the challenges of dictating to the computer.‌

Nikki a young girl town of Seattle loved to Climb. Unfortunately, right now she was falling. And she did not like to falling at all.

The reason why she was falling was because an older boy pad pushed her into the sewer of great Telugu and the reason why he had pushed her into the sewer great Telugu was because Nikki had stolen a penny.

This was not just any ordinary Penny though it was one that had George Washington on it, a misprint that had somehow made it through the treasury mint Department and that Franklin the older boy had stolen a famous collector, Nikki. Nikki was simply returning the penny back to its rightful owner, herself

Which brings us back to the fact that now Nikki is falling. And he will never not be falling good for you Nikki.

All of a sudden, the penny in Nikki’s hand grew very hot. She had time you look down and notice and was smoking it was burning up. But despite the fact that she was falling multiple stories to her imminent death refuse to let go of the penny. Which was good because right when she was about to hit Spider-Man pick you up and ask to be paid with a special penny no Nikki said. So Spider-Man threw her back up into the air and she kept falling.

You got closer to the ground, the penny started smoking and burning her hand again and right when she was about to hit Spiderman saved her, again and after special pennies. Nikki said no against and Spider-Man threw her up into the air again

This was not going so well for Nikki, so she tried something different well she was high up in the air she switched regular pay me with the Penny and her pocket. right before she fell to her death Spider-Man saved her again and asked her for the special penny. Nikki gave him the penny she had switched out for her special penny and Spider-Man screamed for joy, yelling that now he would take over the world.

This was not usual Spider-Man Behavior Nikki thought to herself, and wondered if there was something special about her special special penny