Nerf is awesome.

Nerf is a play gun toy that uses foam darts, and has lots of attachments for most guns (there are a lot of guns). You can buy Nerf at a lot of different stores, stop by your local toy store or mall, you can also buy them online at amazon or and other online stores.

I like Nerf because, one it doesn’t hurt that much the mega Nerf guns hurt a little, but not very much.

Also there are a wide variate of Nerf guns ranging from tiny pistols to snipers.

there are also Nerf laser ops a type laser guns.

There was one time that me and my friend snuck up on someone, we knew we can’t state his real name for privacy services, let’s call him Jeffery. And shot near him. He jumped like two feet in the air. We ran away before he saw us.