Setting Routes for Rock Climbing

setting routes for rock climbing is hard because: if you are setting a really hard route that you can’t do and you are shadow climbing it, it might not turn out how you wanted it to if you don’t know what rate it is if you don’t have the pieces that you need but setting … Read more

Regionals 101

it was my first time at regionals it was so much fun. first I signed in then I went to Iso (also known as isolation) in Iso we played games and warmed up in the bouldering area. After our names were called we had to sit in a chair for 5 minutes which made me … Read more


first of all a dyno is when you jump from one hold to another Basics don’t dyno unless you are comfortable try to keep your hips close to the wall the most important rule to me is don’t be scared because if you are scared your just going to back away from it. Safety when … Read more

3 reasons why you should start rock climbing

Do you have a rock climbing gym near you that you want to go into? Have you been nervous to step through the doors? Here are 3 reasons to give it a try. Rock climbing is fun Rock climbing is fun because you get to try more and more difficult climbs. You also get to … Read more

How to campus

Hand drawn illustration of girl campusing a rock climbing wall

Campusing is when you are climbing with no feet on an over-hang (a wall that is not vertical). Campusing is hard because you have to use your arm strength to hold yourself up and it is especially hard to move your arms because when you want to move to the next hold you have to … Read more

How to improve your grip

Grip is a very important part of rock climbing, it prevents you from falling and it helps you stay close to the wall. Your fingers might get torn on the first few days of rock climbing, but it will get better. Improving your grip is hard but there are ways to do it. To improve … Read more

stretching for rock climbing

stretching is important in rock climbing because if you don’t then it will be harder to stretch your legs out, also you can hurt yourself easy. here are some ways to stretch for rock climbing: yoga try to the spits buy a journal at stretch every day

Why should I be coachable?

Being coachable is the best way to become a really good rock climber. You might wonder what does it mean to be coachable? Here are some ideas on how to be coachable. How to be coachable Be positive – have a positive attitude even when things are hard. Listen – There is a whole world … Read more