Nikki 1

The story is a story that is written on a computer and we have to accept the challenges of dictating to the computer.‌ Nikki a young girl town of Seattle loved to Climb. Unfortunately, right now she was falling. And she did not like to falling at all. The reason why she was falling was … Read more

Nikki 2

Why do you want to take over the world said Nicki burritos are awesome what? Spider-Man was being very weird he was saying random things. All of a sudden a giant boulder came hurtling down in the sky. Spider-Man hooked up into the air yelled love burritos Spider-Man watch out there’s a boulder coming for … Read more

Nikki 3

Nikki I knew there was something wrong. With all these Boulders falling from the sky, and Spider-Man and all these people acting so strangely, Nikki knew something was absolutely off. Everybody that came to the Cody that she had planned yesterday had builders on their heads and do no more stomach and singing baba baba … Read more