5 Best Rock Gyms EVER

  • The Front Climbing Club
  • Brooklyn Boulders
  • Climb So iLL
  • MetroRock
  • Momentum Indoor Climbing

These climbing gyms, are the five best climbing gyms according to America’s 10 Best Climbing Gyms, I believe it.

But I’ve never been to any of them, so why would I say that?

I think these are the five best gyms because they look really cool.

The walls and the setup is cool. I especially like Climb So iLL because of it’s rainbow walls and they make their own one-of-a-kind holds.

The Front Climbing Club has some amazing color choices and I like how their bouldering walls aren’t too high. The overhanging routes look great and pretty fun, especially for a little climber like me.

Picture of Front Climbing Club walls with tall wooden walls and asymmetric openings

Brooklyn Boulders looks like it has really creative walls and the overhangs look amazing. I could probably last about 5 minutes before needing a rest

MetroRock Brooklyn has these amazing overhanging boulders. They look super fun and I would love to climb up on top and jump down.

Momentum Indoor Climbing looks like it has a really fun bouldering area and a lot of routes to choose from. I think I should go check it out if I ever go to Texas.

All of these cool pictures make me want to get out there to some new gyms and try out their problems!